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CURRENT Progress:


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Project Lead: Justin Oyas – joyas@uci.edu

Project Members: Jonathan Enriquez, Nick Huang, Alec Kriebel, Riley DeGhionno


Ideal Finished Product



The redesigned 3D printed MHQ2 folding mini quadcopter frame has arrived! Building on the success of the original MHQ frame, we have improved the functionality, durability and stability of this frame. The MHQ2 uses the same arms and hardware from the MHQ with the addition of 4x more 18mm screws and 4x locknuts. The use of 6″ props is possible with the new XL arms. Flight compilation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrj7iZE8P1M

Printed kits available at: http://shop.hovership.com/hovership-mhq2/
Hardware kits available: http://shop.hovership.com/mhq2-hardware-kit/
Power system: http://shop.hovership.com/power-systems/
Propellers: http://shop.hovership.com/propellers/