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A Global Community –

What is e-NABLE?

A Global Network of volunteer designers, scientists, and engineers dedicated to designing and delivering 3D printed assistive technology E-Nabledevices

Crowd-Sourced Philanthropy

Over a thousand members worldwide

Completely open source with distributed manufacturing

Why 3D Print Hands?

Upper limp differences accompany up to 1% of live births worldwide

Traditional prostheses cost tens of thousands of dollars

Insurance coverage in the developing world and for children who will outgrow them are rarely adequate

Where Does 3DP @ UCI fit in?

As a club, we are the DESIGNERS and FABRICATORS!

Recipients request a hand, and we PROVIDE for them (can either be local or from across the globe)

How do we accomplish this?

Abundant guides on printing a hand can be found online

There are designs readily available:

The Raptor Hand

The Raptor Hand

the raptor hand

The Cyborg Beast

The Cyborg Beast

The Cyborg Beast

Talon Hand 2.X

talon hand

How Can You Join?

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Contact Project Leaders:

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